Daily Sugar Intake
Daily Sugar Intake

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Daily Sugar Intake

Daily Sugar Intake

Daily Sugar Intake Information Page

Daily sugar intake of a person refers to the amount of sugar he consumes each day. Our sugar intake comes from foods in five key categories, be it soda, sweetened baked goods, candy, ice cream, and sweetened fruit drinks. In addition, many sugars that are found in food are made from combinations of simpler sugars or monosaccharides.


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Why is the amount of a daily sugar intake important?
Sufficient daily sugar intake will ensure that our body functions properly. However, if you are like most people, you are most probably having more than what you should each day. High sugar intake will therefore lead to consequences like low energy and weight gain. In addition, high daily sugar intake will also increase your risk of heart disease by damaging your blood vessels and increasing the level of your cholesterol. Moreover, it may even chip away at your memory and cause an increase in the risk of certain cancers.  

What if you consume much more than you should in a day?
Too much of a daily sugar intake will also cause tiredness in an individual. Sugar, when first consumed, gives you a surge of energy. However, this energy will not last, instead it can you leave you feeling even more tired as before. In addition, a recent study has shown that excessive daily sugar intake will lead to the formation of wrinkles.  


What happens when you consume lesser than you should a day? 
If your daily sugar intake is low, you will have several symptoms like mood swings, fatigue, headaches, blurred vision and irritability. When these symptoms appear, the cells in your body use glucose for energy. However, if your level of glucose present in your body is too low, there is insufficient energy for the cells to function efficiently and the first area of the brain to be affected is the neocortex. Thus, your daily sugar intake should be sufficient and not too low.  

So how should you ensure that an appropriate daily sugar intake is consumed?
An important step to ensu
re that your daily sugar intake is sufficient will be eating right. Besides, your daily sugar intake will be considered moderate if you consume sixty grams (about two ounces) of refined sugar. Your daily intake of food should also not contain too much carbohydrates food like white potatoes or white bread that will increase the blood sugars higher and faster than other carbohydrates foods.  However, the best way is to stick with naturally occurring sugar that is found in certain foods. 

If the daily sugar intake is kept at moderation, sugar is deemed to have no effect on disease risk, apart from tooth decay. It is therefore important to ensure that your daily sugar intake is appropriate and not exceeding the amount that you should consume each day. Too little of it will cause low glucose level in your body and too much of it will cause several health risks and side effects. Just be sure that you are having just the right amount of the daily sugar intake and you can achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle! 


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Daily Sugar Intake