Daily Sugar Intake
Daily Sugar Intake

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Low Sugar Diet

Low sugar diet is very popular nowadays. There are many reasons for taking up a low sugar diet. The most common reason will be losing weight. There are many ways to start a low sugar diet. Firstly, you can start by decreasing the amount of sugar you add in your coffee each day. Alternatively, you can substitute sugar with another kind of sweetener. An example would be Aspertame. This is very suitable for people who are on a low sugar diet because it does not contain sugar or calories. Most importantly, during your low sugar diet period, it is best to avoid the varieties of coffee sold at different café or high street coffee shops. This is because large amount of sugar is added into a cup of coffee. A better alternative would be ordering a cup of black coffee with no sugar. It is good because a low amount of sugar can be added in desire.    

Think before you eat
A person on a low sugar diet should pay extra attention to what he eats. It is recommended that you should keep a ‘food diary’, writing down the food that you consume and when. Additional details like why you eat a certain type of food can also be written down in it. This is extremely helpful to people who are on a low sugar diet. The food diary will ensure that the amount of sugar he consumes will not be too high.  

Food that you should avoid on a low sugar diet
You should avoid food with high level of sugar. Some examples of food that are high in sugar level will be sweetened baked goods, candy and ice cream. Soda and sweetened fruit drinks should also be avoided. Consider first before eating all these! You would not want your efforts to follow a low sugar diet to go down the drain!  

Recommended food that you should consume to have a low sugar diet
Indulge in the naturally sweet taste of fruits, vegetables and other whole food. Be sure to choose the fruit and vegetables with the lowest amount of sugar present in it. Instead of having sweetened yoghurt, try having plain yoghurt and adding a fruit. It is recommended to add fruits like raspberries, cranberries and blackberries as they are fruits with the lowest level of sugar which is definitely fine and will not affect your low sugar diet!  

Besides, have a cinnamon raisin bagel with non-fat cream cheese or a toaster waffle with fresh fruits that are mentioned above instead of a cinnamon bun. Craving for milkshake? Try a homemade smoothie with real fruit and fruit juice that taste just as flavourful as a milkshake. Thus, these foods should be able to keep your sugar level low.  As for beverages, choose water or unsweetened iced tea instead of soda.  

Prepare the right kinds of food
Since you are on a low sugar diet, you should prepare a meal with less sugar. Find substitutes of sugar and replace them in your meals.  

Patronize a restaurant where you can choose food that work for your low sugar diet
The waiter is able to the healthier choices of food that are low in sugar. This is extremely helpful to people who are on a low sugar diet but is unaware of the food that they should consume.  

A low sugar diet is relatively easy to keep in moderation if temptations are overcome. Therefore, be sure not to be tempted by sweets and other food that are high in sugar to ensure a successful low sugar diet!   


Daily Sugar Intake