Daily Sugar Intake
Daily Sugar Intake

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Normal Blood Sugar Level

Normal blood sugar level is the amount of sugar (glucose) that is present in the blood of a human or animal. If food is not consumed in the past few hours, the normal blood sugar level falls within the range 3.5/5-6 mmol/L. However, the blood sugar level will rise after eating. It seldom rise beyond 10 mmol/L, which is considered a normal blood sugar level. The extent of the rise varies, depending on an individual glucose ‘tolerance’ and the type of food that you have consumed. Therefore, a person is said to have a normal blood sugar level when it return to the normal range within an hour or two. 

Carbohydrates that are found in food are responsible for most of the rise in blood sugar after a meal. Therefore, your daily intake of food should not contain too many carbohydrates food like white potatoes or white bread too. This is because these food products will increase your daily sugar intake, raising the blood sugars higher and faster than other carbohydrates foods. This will mean rising the normal blood sugar level that you had at first.     

Here are some of the reasons why a person does not have a normal blood sugar level:
1.    Blood sugar levels are commonly higher in the morning.
2.    Emotional stress - a rise in blood sugar levels is expected as intense emotional
       stress triggers the release of adrenaline. This will then stimulates blood sugar
       release from the liver to increase the availability of blood sugar to the muscles. 

3.    Infection - If you are sick or having a sore that is not healing, blood sugars is kept
       as fuel to fight infection.

4.    Pain and surgery - Having physical pain will cause an increase in your blood sugar
       level through the effect of stress and counter-regulatory hormones. Therefore, a 
       normal blood sugar level will not be reached when you are experiencing pain.

In addition, most people with diabetes do not have a normal blood sugar level because they are relatively lack of insulin, which is a hormone produced by the pancreas and have the ability to bring glucose level down. 

Therefore, it is important for a normal person to have a normal blood sugar level to ensure that your body is functioning properly. This will mean having sufficient insulin to bring blood sugar level down, so as to ensure that you have the normal blood sugar level.    

To have a normal blood sugar level, try to avoid having a huge packet of chips or large white slice of bread. This is because, your body has to deal with a serious of blood sugar, and pump out too much insulin as it overreacted. Therefore, insulin hangs around in the bloodstream for a long time, keeping your blood sugar level low for hours.    

To have a normal blood sugar level, it is recommended having no more that 6 to 10 percent of our daily calories from added sugars.    

Therefore, to ensure that a normal sugar level is reached, avoid foods that are high in carbohydrates. It is important to keep a normal blood sugar level, whether you have diabetes or not.   


Daily Sugar Intake