Daily Sugar Intake
Daily Sugar Intake

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Sugar Substitutes

Sugar substitutes are duplicates of sugar, which add the pleasurable sweetness with the absence of sugar. However, they are found to be lesser in energy.

There are many sugar substitutes available in the world. One example out of the many sugar substitutes will be natural sweeteners like unsweetened fruit juices, frozen fruit, juices concentrates and liquid fruit concentrates. Other sugar substitutes include the many different juices that are available in the stores. Carob, being naturally sweet is another sweetener that can be one of your daily substitutes.  

Sugar substitutes include natural sweeteners and artificial sweeteners.   

The different types of natural sweeteners include:    

·    Fructose - Fructose is found in fruits and berries and they are sweeter than table sugar (sucrose). Fructoses found in these products are therefore good sugar substitutes as they absorb more slowly from the intestine than blood sugars (glucose). Therefore, blood sugar level rises more slowly. Then, the liver absorbs fructose and converts it into blood sugars or triglycerides.        

·    Xylitol - They are found in strawberries and raspberries and have about the same sweetness level as fructose. They cause a small amount of change in the blood sugars as it is absorbed slowly by the intestine. This is one of the better sugar substitutes that are available because it does not cause cavities of the teeth as often as the other nutritive sweeteners would. Thus, it is used in sugar-free gums.        

·    Sorbitol and mannitol - These are sugar alcohols present in plants. As compared to table sugar, they are half as sweet as them. Besides, they have little effect on blood sugars and change to fructose in the body. When sorbitol is consumed as a food, it does not accumulate and damage tissues.       

·     Sucanat -This is one of the most popular sugar substitutes that are used and have quite a similar look and smell as brown sugar.        

·    Honey - Amount used is cut by one half because of its natural level of sweetness.        

·    Maple syrup – These are good sugar substitutes for food like pancakes as it is naturally sweet.         

Sugar substitutes like saccharin and aspartame are some of the artificial sweeteners that can be used. These sugar substitutes are normally much sweeter than table sugar. Therefore, a small amount of them is only needed to obtain the same level of sweetness as sugar. Saccharin and aspartame is 300 to 400 times and 150 to 200 times sweeter than table sugar respectively. In addition, saccharin rapidly excreted unchanged in the urine. Aspartame, on the other hand, is more expensive and is preferred over saccharin.      

The existence of sugar substitutes is therefore important as the danger and health risk of excessive sugar intake are widely known. Therefore, sugar substitutes are used to replace sugar to ensure a normal blood sugar level.

However, there are many possible unknown side effects that sweeteners can cause. Even if sugar has not been added to all these natural sweeteners mentioned above, be sure not to over indulge in them. Instead, replace them with the different types of sugar substitutes that are mentioned above!


Daily Sugar Intake